Expedition Cruises

Expedition cruises feature small and sturdy ships that can maneuver to places that the big cruise ships just can’t reach. For those travelers seeking nature up close and personal, and those with a love of adventure these lines are a great option—without compromising service and amenities.

Nature is the entertainment on most of these cruises. There are several new options that offer this type of cruise on ships that are more luxurious with amenities, cuisine and facilities rivaling the luxury lines. Silversea’s Silver Explorer and Silver Galapagos are in a class by themselves for those looking to see Antarctica and other out of the way natural wonders. Orion is the namesake of an Australian company that offers adventurous itineraries “Down Under”. They also cruise to Antarctica, and Papua New Guinea. Expedition cruise ships carry small Zodiak® boats to whisk you quickly to close-up views of natural wonders.

Adventure Awaits

Call us today to plan the perfect luxury adventure trip on an expedition cruise. Our Alliance Travel agents have extensive training with all of these cruise lines and can help you find the voyage, the ship, and the adventure that you will always remember.